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Senses Cardio Core – Today’s Workout 18/2


I have been teaching Cardio Core at Senses for almost 3 years, and I LOVE IT! It’s a concept that I created (co-created), as soon as I saw the room full of treadmills, that where (at the time) only being used for running classes. I rarely plan the workouts in advance. I like to see who’s attending my class and how many we are, before I plan anything. The treadmills makes it possible for ANYONE to participate, no matter what their current shape is.
All classes are different, depending on who’s teaching it, and what they teach besides Cardio Core. I’m a personal trainer, runner and a sucker for HIIT. Therefor my classes focuses a lot on that, and I help people push themselves a little further each time.
Even though I mostly come up with a different routines every time, some routines have stuck.  It’s fun doing the same workout and realise, that you have improved. Or feel first hand, what a bad night of sleep and a stressful day at work can do to your ability to perform. The routine we did today, is one that I love, but only can do, when we are a certain number of people (divisible by 4). It goes by the name “Kvalme Rouletten”, and even though I didn’t come up with the name (participants of my class did), I have chosen to translate it to “Queasy Wheel”. You will feel queasy, and the exercises are being performed in a circle;) Have fun…

WARM UP: 20 minutes
Walking and running on the treadmill. We worked with incline as well.

Groups of 4 people, 1 at each station. The one running sets the pace. As soon as the runner is done, you rotate station.

  1. Run 200 meters as fast as possible
  2. Mountain climbers (slowly, get the heart rate down)
  3. Burpees
  4. Break! (stand by the treadmill, ready to get on)

Do this for 3 rounds (or 5;)) ENJOY

We ended the class by sitting up against the wall for 8×20 seconds, with 10 seconds break in between (Tabata).
TIP: This workout can be done alone as well. Either you time your runs, and do the exercises and break for the same amount of time OR you decide on a specific number of each exercise. Example: Do 50 mountain climbers (25 for each side) and 20 burpees.

BENEFITS: This workout gets your heart rate up HIGH, you will feel your last meal crawling back up. If not, run faster. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works great as a cardiovascular exercise. Due to the mountain climbers and the burpees, muscles in your entire body will be activated and your nervous system will be working out as well. It’s hard work trying to coordinate your upper and lower body at the same time. Win win win!



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