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Zero Waste Alternatives – Small steps to a less wasteful lifestyle


Waste has become a growing environmental problem on this planet. Not only is the population increasing, but the amount of waste we produce per person is growing as well. A lot of our waste is either toxic to produce or/and toxic to get rid of.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist or Leonardo DiCaprio, to see that this is a serious issue. But luckily you don’t have to win an Oscar either, to do something about it:) In this post I want to give you some general tips on how to reduce your waste, but also list all the zero waste alternatives I have incorporated in my daily life.


  • Sorting your waste
  • Recycling
  • Buy second hand
  • Look for zero or less waste alternatives

On my journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ve been inspired by a lot of international environmentalists and bloggers. Unfortunately not everything is as easy or as available in Denmark, so before introducing it on this site, I wanted to fully incorporate it in my own life. Everything on my blog and listed here, is fully tested by me, and not just copy pasted from another blog:)

This list will evolve as I do, and I can’t wait to share all of my zero waste “life hacks” with you. Enjoy…



It’s important for me to stress, that I’m still on my own journey, and only sharing what I know and have incorporated as an inspiration.
My wish is, that we all become more aware of the waste we produce, and the impact it has on the planet. With awareness comes responsibility and choices. Do what works for you and see these tips as a buffet where you can pick and choose, whatever you see fit with your lifestyle<3 #simplyfit

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