Yoga at Roskilde - And your chance to win 2 tickets for CPH Yoga Festival

Simply Living – Summer House Edition

summer, summer vibes, summer house, costume, beach, beachin, summer, fun, tisvilde, tisvildeleje, aperol, goats, organic, simply food, healthy living, simply living, trx, cherries, feastival, musik i lejet, besties, denmark, danish summers, nutella, balance, energies, vacation, simply fitI LOVE DANISH SUMMERS! I?m not build for extreme heat, so when the summer hits Denmark, it?s really nice to be near water. Warming up to this years’s festival at Tisvilde, Musik i Lejet #mil16, I drove up to our summer house a few days before. Working from the garden and being able to jump in the ocean whenever I felt like cooling down!
I just finished my Liver Cleanse (blog post is coming). Treating your body well afterwards, and easing out of it, is a major key. Especially right before attending yet another festival, and the kind of drinking that comes a long with it. But it’s all about that balance..!

IMG_0645My banana bread turned out being and tasting waaaaay too healthy, Nutella brought back the balance;)
We bought fresh vegetables at Ørby Gartneri, and said hello to the goats. Mornings (after coffee) were spend at the ?Gym? (my TRX in a tree) and then at the “Stairmaster”  (192 steps down some very steep stairs to the beach). Thanks to my knee injury, my left butt cheek had to do ALL the work.
Here?s a few pictures from the days up and till the festival started:)

IMG_0632vsco-photo-1 (13)
Teva girls! #originalsummer
IMG_0640IMG_0639IMG_0638THE GYM!IMG_0637IMG_0636IMG_0635IMG_0634IMG_0633
IMG_0646FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS: Practical bag (adidas by Stella McCartney), water bottle #stayhydrated (bkr) and phone!IMG_0647IMG_0644THE STAIRMASTERIMG_0643Partner in festival crime Frede!IMG_0642

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  • Mathilde

    Hvornår kommer blogpost om liver cleanse? 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Cecilie Blaksted

      Hej Mathilde, lover at det er LIIIGE på trapperne haha!!!!! Senest i løbet af næste uge:)

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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Yoga at Roskilde - And your chance to win 2 tickets for CPH Yoga Festival